Sunday, March 12, 2006

St. Guillen: Breaking News

Blood found on the plastic ties used to bind Imette St. Guillen's hands behind her back has provided a conclusive DNA match to Darryl Littlejohn. Police Commissioner Kelly announced that an indictment will be sought against him for her murder. Darryl Littlejohn is the prime suspect. The investigation continues.

Fox News has a video link to the press conference.

The suspicion of one or more accomplices remains.

Update: March 13, 8:25 am, CT

There are a couple of interesting revelations in this morning's Boston Herald:

“Initially, we thought the blood on the cuffs was hers. We could not find any cuts or scratches on him during questioning,” a source said. “There was a lot of jubilation in the squad when the call came that the blood was his.”
So where did the blood come from? A nose or mouth injury? Perhaps, Imette injured Littlejohn as he escorted her out, infuriating the U.S. Marshall poseur and prompting him to "cuff" her with plastic ties then and there.
The source said other evidence collected may also bolster their case. “There was hair recovered. We are waiting for that to come back from the lab.”
As you'll remember, Imette's killer hacked off the hair on one side of her head. It would seem impossible not to have left hair clippings behind at the crime scene.

Update: 10:00 am, CT

ABC News is reporting that Littlejohn has been linked to another sexual assault:
Police have long believed that the killing occurred at Littlejohn's home and that St. Guillen's body was dumped in Brooklyn shortly after her death. Police say they have cell phone records linking the suspect to that location. They also found carpet fibers on her body that match those from Littlejohn's rug. In addition, police have recovered DNA evidence that links Littlejohn to at least one prior sexual assault. In those cases, the women were bound and washed or swabbed clean by the assailant.

I read somewhere recently that Imette's body temperature was around 60° when she was found, indicating that she hadn't been out there long. I can't seem to locate the article now. If anyone comes across it, would you please provide a link in the comment section? Thanks.

Note to Readers

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