Friday, May 26, 2006

Good Grief!

Former Peterson juror, Richelle Nice, dubbed "Strawberry Shortcake" by the media, has become Scott Peterson's pen-pal. Will wonders never cease?!

Nice said she wrote the first letter as an exercise suggested by her therapist, but she didn't intend to mail it. She said she wanted to tell Peterson how the seven-month trial had turned her life upside down. The mother of four boys also wanted to know why he killed his wife, Laci Peterson.

Then she decided to mail it.
Somehow, I don't think her therapist intended for her to mail it either.

This part doesn't surpise me:

About a month later, she got a response.

It seems that prison life has not yet dimmed Scott Peterson's desire to charm the ladies:

She said she was amazed at the tone of his letter. She said he's polite and charming, often showering her with compliments. He even commented on her choice of a breast cancer awareness stamp.

Peterson also seems more concerned about how the trial affected her than himself.
"He talked a lot about those autopsy photos and how hard that must have been for the jurors to see," Nice said.
Yes, I'm sure Scott's concern for Richelle Nice is completely genuine.

This part doesn't surprise me either:
He also repeatedly denied killing his wife, she said.

Did she think he would confess?

I hope Ms. Nice is continuing to see a therapist and that said therapist is vehemently discouraging her from continuing this "relationship" with Peterson. With that said, the timing of her revelation to the public is questionable; several of the Peterson jurors have collaborated on a book entitled "We the Jury" which is due out this fall. Richelle Nice is one of them. The New York Daily News reports that Richelle wrote seventeen letters to Peterson, encouraging him to confess to the murders, never informing him that she was writing a book. Peterson responded with eight letters and an Easter card.

Ms. Nice wants everyone to believe that she wrote to Peterson hoping to coax a confession from him. I believe that, but I don't believe that the motive behind it was benevolence. This wasn't about clearing Peterson's conscience or easing her own. Fame and fortune are what she's after. That's my take.