Thursday, September 28, 2006

Duckett Documents

Melinda Duckett's note to her grandparents:

Melinda's note to her mom and dad:

Melinda's note to the public:

Chronology of Trenton Duckett Case from DCF:


Anonymous said...

What is it that she "had to do"? Kill herself or kill her son?

Average Jane said...

I don't know, anonymous. There's a lot in that letter that I think is just manipulation and deceit. All three letters, actually. I don't see the heartfelt emotion and anguish in it that I would expect in a suicide note, but then again, I haven't read all that many suicide notes. I wonder if that sort of detachment is common.

Anonymous said...

Email me when you get a chance. You should know my IP by now. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Whats in the ashtray??

Leti Metcalfe said...

Money 2as in the ashtray.