Friday, April 27, 2007

Michelle Young Memorial

Photographer, Statia Grossman, has created a blog as a memorial to her friend, Michelle Young. There she includes photos and video of the recent Arbor Memorial established in Michelle's honor as well as links to her photos and video of the 30th birthday celebration held in February. The address by Linda Fisher is particularly poignant. In addition to expressing the heartache and grief of the family's loss, Linda explains the reason for the Michelle Marie Fisher-Young Memorial Arbor Program and recites the poem etched on a star atop Michelle's evergreen tree. As I understand it, the poem was originally posted at Websleuths by a member named Samiya. Linda found it touching and meaningful, as Michelle often sang "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to Cassidy at bedtime, and had it engraved on the star with the opening words, "For Cassidy" and closing, "Love, Mommy".

In another clip, Michelle's father, Alan, with Meredith and Linda at his side, addresses the attendees and speaks of the Fisher family's grief as well as their commitment to attaining justice for their daughter and sister. In encourage you to watch each of the clips so generously provided by Statia Grossman. Michelle will not be forgotten.

If I have any of the above details wrong, please let me know and I will make the necessary corrections.

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Taximom said...

Hi AJ! Just checking in on you. Hope you are enjoying your summer.

I'm sad there are no new developments or ARRESTS made in Michelle's case. At this point I feel like someone has gotten away with murder. I keep hearing that 911 tape in my head and wonder when Cassidy will be forgetting what she went through that night. :(

Anyway, a local crime (Jessie Davis) has been solved quickly and I'm happy about that. Maybe she'll look down on North Carolina and help push justice along in the Young case. Wouldn't that be something?

Take it easy now. See you around!