Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Beguilement for Hire

Who paid the Quack? Do you feel like you got your money's worth? Think again. You've been hornswoggled. The Quack has exploited your family's tragedy. And for what? To prolong the agonizing wait for resolution. To delay the inevitable. To make a buck and a name for himself by providing a false sense of comfort to one family while revictimizing the other. That comfort will not last. The Quack's convoluted machinations of dubious information are being sorted out. His endeavor will not change the outcome. One family will eventually be faced again with the truth. The second impact of that truth will be more painful than the initial because it will be compounded by the shame and outrage of realizing that they were misled and that they paid the Quack to mislead them. The other family will endure the continued assault and persevere because their eyes are set on the horizon and the justice that approaches, slowly but surely.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed!
I'd be might *$&# to know that my hiring of such a Quack didn't get me anything. One must realize the hiring of such a Quack doesn't change whom the murderer was. Sorry! You can wish all you want...

Not only has the person who hired the Quack been swindled due to his overzealous emotions, but he's also been led astray by the murderer. It's a good trait to have, loyalty towards friends...but not blind loyalty.