Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alternative Forum

I don't know what the problem is with FPX, but if it's still down tomorrow, we'll use the alternative forum.

Link to FPX:

Link to Alternative FPX:


Average Jane said...

The original FPX forum is back up and running. Click on the banner link in the right sidebar of this blog to get there.

If anyone is still having trouble getting in or posting there, leave a message for me here in this comment section.

Leanne said...

I still can't get in and keep getting a 404 error. I have cleared my cookies and everything.

Please help, this can't happen now. Can you email me a solution at please.

Average Jane said...

Have you deleted your browsing history?

Try typing the entire url into your browser's address bar. Don't use a bookmark or link or allow your browser to auto-fill the address. Type it all the way out.