Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another Red Herring?

The more that comes out regarding Geoffrey van Cromvoirt and the allegations against him, the less likely it appears that he had anything to do with Natalee Holloway's disappearance. According to John Q. Kelly, attorney for Beth Twitty and Dave Holloway, the VBC T-shirt found on the beach has no connection to the case. The forensics aren't there. Beyond that, Geoffrey van Cromvoirt wasn't even working for his father's company at the time Natalee Holloway went missing.
In the photo on the beach, van Cromvoirt was working for the "visibility team," a unit made up of private security guards who work with police to patrol beaches, downtown Oranjestad and other tourist areas.

Van Cromvoirt worked on the beach patrol from August to December, 2005, said Rob Smith, chairman of the Aruba Hospitality and Security Foundation, which runs the program. Before the visibility team, the teen worked at a water sports company but left when business got slow. He returned to that job and left the visibility team when business picked up again, Smith said.

No one -- family, friends, volunteers -- NOT ONE of the persons who participated in the search for Natalee had ever heard this young man's name until his arrest last Saturday. All we have is rumors, innuendo, and a T-shirt that can't be connected to anyone.

Oh yeah, I shouldn't forget that recently released audio tape of Joran, Deepak, and Satish arguing about who is to blame for what happened to Natalee, and who lied about whom. It's all a bunch of finger-pointing and confusion. Does it mean that none of the three know what happened to Natalee? Or is it just three scared and unscrupulous boys, each looking to save his own skin by blaming the other? The only definitive thing that can be said is that interrogators were obviously lying to the suspects about what each of them had said regarding the others' involvement. It's a common tactic and doesn't appear to have accomplished anything in this case.

I don't think the Aruban law enforcement community is capable of redeeming their image and solving this case. It's just one ridiculous blunder after another. Joe Tacopina sure make the most of it; didn't he?

I'm really frustrated and aggravated by this investigation. Does it show?