Sunday, April 09, 2006

Dirksmeyer: More to the Story

It sounds like there is more someone would like to say regarding the relationship between Nona Dirksmeyer and her alleged murderer, Kevin Jones, but the Russellville Courier isn't, as yet, willing to publish it.
Sources close to the Nona Dirksmeyer murder case told The Courier Thursday about certain never-before released facts. However, after investigating the lead, The Courier decided to not publish its findings. Law enforcement officials involved with the investigation would not go on the record to confirm the information because of a conflict with "ethical and legal" boundaries.
Psst to whomever: I'm sure there are several bloggers who'd be willing to put it out there if you're anxious to have it published.

In addition to that little non-tidbit, it seems that, even after the arrest, the prosecutor is still dragging his feet in bringing the accused to justice. He's not interested in going to trial until January of next year. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt on the delay in taking Jones into custody, but I see no reason in holding off the trial for so long. The $250,000 bond, which Jones was quick to post, really irks me, too.