Thursday, June 15, 2006

No News Is...what exactly?

You know the old saying, "No news is good news." As with all colloquialisms, there is generally an exception. Which side of the line does the Tracy Tribble case come down on -- rule or exception? Aside from reports of the memorial service and the announcement of a new reward offer, there has been no news regarding Tracy's death since May 25th, when some of the autopsy findings were released and the Tribble home was again searched for evidence of a crime.

Tracy Gostomski Tribble has been dead for more than a month. Her husband Stan reported her missing on May 3rd after returning home from work to find her gone. Her car was in the driveway, and most of her personal effects were accounted for at the house. Her dog was found wandering in a nearby cemetary without its collar; the cat was also missing. About two and a half weeks later, Tracy's body was found floating in the Missouri River. There was obvious trauma to her body, including a fracture to the left side of her face and several missing teeth, caused by blunt force trauma inflicted by a fist or some unknown (or perhaps, as yet, unnamed) object. Friends of Tracy have said, and Stan Tribble admits, that the couple fought on the evening of May 2nd. Stan, however, insists that it was strictly a verbal altercation and he never laid a hand on his wife. Past incidents resulting in 911 calls do little to bolster Stan's claim.

At the time of the autopsy and subsequent search of the home, investigators told the press that they were awaiting a final autopsy report before classifying Tracy's death. There was more investigative work to be done. Another three weeks have passed, and there's been not a hint as to resolution of the case. Am I being impatient, or is there such a lack of evidence against Tracy's killer as to hamper the prosecution of the perpetrator? Are they still awaiting test results? If you've read my previous entries about Tracy Tribble, I'm sure you're aware that I'm more than a little inclined to believe that Stan Tribble is responsible for Tracy's death. Perhaps, I was naïve to believe that he would be behind bars by now. It wouldn't be the first time.