Friday, June 02, 2006

Souers Case Keeps Getting Stranger

Investigators released a physical description and behavioral profile of the suspect in the strangulation murder of Tiffany Souers this afternoon. Also made public were enhanced surveillance photos of the suspect and his vehicle taken at ATM kiosks where he attempted to use Tiffany's ATM card shortly after her murder. Fox News Carolina affiliate published the following:

The suspect is a young, white male who was driving a 2-door, light colored, 1982-1994 Chevy Blazer or GMC Jimmy. This information was obtained through photos taken at the ATM machines located at the Sun Trust and Wachovia Banks, both on Tiger Boulevard in Clemson. The suspect tried to use Tiffany Souers' ATM card a total of six times. The suspect was wearing two bandanas that covered his face. The bandanas have a cross-like symbol on them.

In today's press conference, Ariail stated that this crime was a "sexually agressive encounter gone bad," but would not go so far as to say Souers was raped.

Authorities have completed a behavioral profile of the suspect and details are as follows:

- It is the only murder he has ever committed

- He is broken up about the crime

- He may miss work or school

- He may cancel appointments or plans abruptly

- He has an altered behavior patter

- Because of his altered behavior, he may be dangerous

- Shows a change in patterns: sleeping, eating, drug usage, and alcohol consumption patterns

Authorities are asking that if you were in the area on the night of the murder to try to remember if you saw this person or the SUV. In addition, they ask that if a white male has been sexually aggressive toward you or someone you know to please call the police because it may lead to information needed to make an arrest.

Police are asking that if you know this person or recognize this person to please call their tip line at 1-800-422-2746 and press 2.

My question is, if it was a "sexually aggressive encounter gone bad" and the perpetrator is "broken up" by the crime, why was he out trying to get money with Tiffany's ATM card a couple of hours later? Desperate? Maybe. Broken up? I'm not so sure.

Police scoured the roadside outside Clemson after a man picking up cans along the Highway 76 found Tiffany's driver's license this morning.

The owner of a towing business near Pendleton said he called authorities around 10 Friday morning when James Lindsey of Pendleton came in with a driver's license he had found on the side of the road.

"He wanted me to turn the license in," Dan Baker said. "He was scared."
Baker turned in the license as well as a small bag Lindsey found farther down U.S. Highway 76 just inside Anderson County, Baker said.

A reporter saw authorities photographing and bagging a cell phone found in the ditch about five yards from the road, The Anderson Independent-Mail reported on its Web site Friday.

Ariail, who has been the official spokesman for the case, would not comment on the license or any other possible evidence.

WIS-TV 10 has a video clip of the press conference. Let me know what you think. I missed the conference and my computer is currently unable to play videos -- time for a new card, I think.

One last thought...

What the heck does that mean -- "sexually aggressive encounter gone bad"?