Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Can JMK get any freakier?

John Mark Karr's first wife was interviewed on Good Morning America today.

Quientana Ray told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that he used to tell her about fantasies he had about little girls. She also says he was controlling.
Ray says she was drugged and that “things were done” to her without her knowing. She didn’t elaborate.

Ray’s parents said they discovered letters Karr wrote to their daughter that were signed “SBTC.” Those are the same initials found on a ransom note left in the Ramsey home.

I'm so back and forth on this guy, I'm about ready to just throw up my hands and leave it until we hear something DNA results.

Last night, thinking back on all the writing I did yesterday, I'd just about decided it was a waste of time and energy. I figured, "Y'know, everything I've learned about the guy could just as easily explain why he'd be so obsessed with JonBenét's murder that he'd try to insinuate himself into a case he had absolutely no involvement in, as it could paint a picture of a guy who would commit such a crime against a beautiful little girl. Until there's a solid link between John Mark Karr and the Ramsey family, all the psychoanalysis in the world means nothing."

Then, this morning, I read this brief recap of Quientana's appearance on GMA. Seriously, can this guy and this case get any freakin' weirder? I wish I'd seen the show, but maybe they'll have a clip up online later today. If anyone saw the segment, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the veracity of the claims made by this woman and her parents.

Anyway, if you've started to worry that I wasn't going to finish that long and rambling entry from yesterday, fear not. I'll forge ahead with the armchair analysis, if for no other reason than to finish what I've started. Be patient though. What with taxi duties and all the other mom stuff to do, I've given up trying to get any blogging done in a timely manner. I'll leave it up to others to be on top of things and just keep doing what I do whether its old news or not.

Update: 11:32 am, CDT

Okay, I'm stupid. That was a CBS article about an ABC show. Here's a link that includes a video clip: ABC News.

Video Link

Update: 1:47 pm, CDT

This isn't really new, but I'm aware that there are people having as much trouble as I am trying to keep up with this case. If you haven't yet heard any of Wendy Hutchens' recordings of her conversations with a man she identifies as John Mark Karr, you should make time. When I first heard about this woman's claims, I had serious doubts. I thought she was just an attention-seeking kook. Not so, anymore. Kook or not, her claims have merit.

Listening to JMK on those tapes answers the question I used to title this entry with a big fat YES!

Video Link

Update: 3:25 pm, CDT

More SBTC from Karr?
After hearing news reports about strange messages Karr wrote in Hamilton High yearbooks, Hampton said she called home and asked her father to check her book.

News reports said the ransom note found at the home where the 6-year old was killed contained the initials “S.B.T.C.” Hampton said message in her yearbook includes the phrase “I shall be the conquerer.”

“I’ve talked to other people we graduated with and he signed everybody’s yearbook that way,” she said.

“We’re all pretty much in shock.”

I'm starting to wonder if these folks from Alabama are jerking the rest of us around. Show me some proof, please.