Friday, August 04, 2006

On Mel Gibson...not so much

I am not going to defend the actions of nor the despicable statements spewed by Mel Gibson during his drunken tirade. Neither do I intend to jump on the "Let's bash Mel!" bandwagon. There's plenty of that going on elsewhere. My only purpose in writing an entry at all is to address the disingenuousness of TMZ head Harvey Levin's proposed motivation in pursuing the public release of sheriff's department recordings of Gibson's arrest.
"We want the tapes not just because of Mel Gibson but because the tape puts the conduct of the sheriff's department in context," said Harvey Levin, head of

Questions have been raised about the fact that a sheriff's department spokesman initially said Gibson had been arrested without incident. Also, the arresting deputy's initial written report, which contained Gibson's controversial statements, was ordered modified and the comments were placed in a supplemental report instead.

"Although the sheriff's department has maintained that deputies did not show Mr. Gibson favoritism, the department's prompt release of the requested materials will speak louder than any statement the department's spokesperson can make," TMZ lawyer Alonzo Wickers IV wrote in a letter to the sheriff's department.

In my opinion, Harvey Levin is a weasel. The sometime legal correspondent and entertainment reporter is like so many heel-biters in Hollywood who delight in seeing celebrities brought to their knees. He must be peeing his pants in glee over his part in the demise of Mel Gibson's star status and prodigious career. Mr. Levin is simply trying to profit, in both dollars and renown, from Gibson's self-inflicted ruination.

As for Mel Gibson, I think that his problems go much deeper than alcoholism. His proclivity for booze and drugs and history of depression are symptoms of what truly ails him. I hope that he is sincere in his repentance and committed to seeking real help in battling the demons that torment his soul.