Monday, January 01, 2007

Cruel & Unusual

As suggested in the December 18 entry on this blog, entitled "What was missing?", it has now been confirmed by Linda Fisher that Cassidy Young has not been allowed to see her maternal family members since Michelle Fisher Young's murder on November 3.

Read this Newsday article for more.


Very Sad Taximom said...

Truly heartbreaking.

I'm assuming this added news will convert any and all that don't believe Jason Young had anything to do with the murder of his wife and unborn son?

How in the world could his parents go along with this? Surely they must know, as grandparents, how Linda Fisher must feel.

I'm deja vu-ing again with memories of the Peterson clan.

:throwing up icon:

I also sense Cassidy must know enough that keeping her away from Michelle's family is critical for Jason Young.

Thanks for the update, AJ.

Average Jane said...

Hi T-mom! There are some who will defend each and every move Jason Young makes. I think that if they'd seen him kill Michelle with their own eyes, they'd make excuses for him. I have a better understanding of Linda Fisher's statement a few days after the funeral now. She was so heartbroken -- first over the loss of Michelle, only to have her grief so greatly compounded by being unable to be with her granddaughter.