Saturday, January 06, 2007

Jason's SUV: Items of Interest

If you've read the comment section of the previous blog entry, you've seen this post by Captain Joe:

I've found out where JY went to in VA and why. There was a gas receipt from a place called Get I market shown on a warrant today. I believe that it was a mis-spelling. It should be Get-IT market, and there's only one of those in VA, in Duffield, VA. And from a news article in October, If you read this article about a new medical center in Duffield, VA that was published last October, you can see why he went there. They were looking for bids on a medical data program. I think his trip there was legitimate, that's exactly where he went to.

I consider Captain Joe's find very interesting and a good potential candidate for the location of Jason's Friday morning meeting in Virginia.

As Captain Joe noted, and I mentioned in an earlier entry, a gas purchase receipt, dated November 3, from a business referred to as the "Get I Market" was found in Jason's Explorer. I've been unable to locate any such business in North Carolina, Virginia or Tennesee. There is, however, a Get-It Market in Duffield, Virgina. Duffield is an approximate five hour drive from the Young's Raleigh residence -- a long haul, considering he left in the evening hours. As you may recall, Jason reportedly told a friend at Michelle's funeral that he left Thursday evening for a headstart on an early morning meeting in Virginia. I surmise that Jason may have driven about three hours on Thursday evening and found lodging in the area around the junction of Interstates 77 and 81 in Virginia. There are several Hampton Inns in that region, and the search warrant for Jason's SUV lists a November 2 receipt for a "Hampton Hotel".

During the search of the home, investigators also confiscated a Hampton Inn reservation confirmation for the dates September 5-8. If that Hampton Inn was also in Virginia, it could be an indication that Jason was familiar with hotels in the area I've outlined on this map. Familiar enough to use one of them as an effective alibi in the planning of a murder? Time will tell.

Update: 5:23 pm, CT

Just in case any of you are wondering why I didn't write about the two spots, consistent in appearance with blood, found by Major R. L. Johnson of the Wake County Sheriff's Office on the rear driver's side door and the rear driver's side seat of Jason's Ford Explorer, I can only say that, at this point, I'm not convinced that they have any evidentiary value. They've surely been tested for the presence of human blood and, in the event they tested positive, DNA-tested to determine whose blood it might be. I find it difficult to believe that Jason would have gotten his vehicle back if either of those stains had turned out to be Michelle's blood.

In giving further thought to the absence of mention of any luggage in the warrant, I have a few questions:
  • Did Jason and his passengers unload their luggage prior to arrival at Meredith's residence? If so, where?

  • Did Jason and his passenger transport their luggage in another vehicle in anticipation of the search and seizure that would have seemed inevitable in light of the apparent distrust for Wake County Sheriff's officials exhibited by Jason's stepfather?

  • Or was an additional search done after the SUV was hauled in, detailing the luggage and contents thereof?

It's my opinion that we should expect to see more investigatory paperwork in regard to that SUV. Certainly, there will be a report forthcoming on those two suspicious spots.

Update: 01/07/07, 2:45 pm, CT

It's been pointed out to me that there is another Get-It Market in Big Stone Gap, Virginia. I've charted both Virginia stores on this livesearch map. I've also been told that there are Get-It Markets in Tennesee, but I've been unsuccessful in digging up any information on those. I'd appreciate any help provided in locating those stores.


Anonymous said...

There is another Get It Market in the area, in Big Stone Gap VA, but I still think that the destination for the trip was Duffield because of the opportunity for the medical software business there. There are also Get it Markets located in TN that could be the source of the gas receipt. Only the LE knows which one was used.
Captain Joe

Average Jane said...

Hi, Joe. I found the Big Stone Gap one last night, but I haven't found anything about Get-It Markets in Tennessee. I charted the two in Virgina on this livesearch map. Not sure if these locales are completely accurate, but they're in line with the info here:

Duffield Get-It Market

Big Stone Gap Get-It Market

If you have addresses for the Tennesee ones or links to info, please post.

Anonymous said...


Here's a link showing the location of a Get It Market on the main drag through the city of Duffield proper. Compliments of Close_Enough and Strach at Websleuths. I think this location has a better potential if indeed JY was in Duffield

RC - at WS

Anonymous said...

But the Duffield medical center's plan was only published October and JY reserved the room at Hampton Inn since September.

Average Jane said...

Hi anonymous. The September reservation was a different stay at the Hampton Inn -- may or may not have been the same Hampton Inn. The reservation confirmation found in the house was for the dates September 5 thru 8. The receipt found in the car was dated 11/2/2006.